Thank you for your enquiry in catering for your event. Here at Arthur’s, we provide delicious homemade food and are dedicated in delivering a personal service that suits your needs.
Below is our hot and cold buffet menus.
Please let us know the selection of food you’re interested in, along with the approximate number of guests, in order to receive an accurate quote.
Do let us know if you have any special requests or recommendations and we will be sure to accommodate them. 

Arthur’s also provides bespoke celebration cakes. Please inquire for details.



Our granary, wholemeal and white bread, are all provided from our local bakery every morning. Our ‘rustic’ or ‘crustless’ sandwiches are presented in platters of 20 and can be cut into triangles or squares- please do specify which style, shape and bread you would prefer or a mix will be provided.

sandwiches catering.jpg

Canapes Of 24

Our homemade, decorative food made on small pieces of bread, puff pastry & vegetables.

canapes catering.jpg


Serves approximately 20 per platter / bowl
Fresh, crunchy and nutritional salads.

salad catering.jpg

Finger Food

Easy-going food, no need for cutlery!

fingerfood 1.jpg

Sweet Treats

Finish off the night with a sweet treat!

sweet treats 1.jpg
sweet treats 2.jpg

Children's Menu.

unnamed (1).jpg